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Devices: Desktop

A set of correctly prepared materials together with the links and counting scripts must be supplied at least 3 business days prior to publication.


Video Backlayer is a combination of the top format and a video wallpaper. Upon the user’s interaction the format becomes a full-screen video creative.

The video starts with the <body> element of the page. We recommend that the most important elements such as the logo and text should be placed in the banner area, and the video should be the only execution of the creative.

1. Wideboard:

  • the creative must feature a “Close X” button in the top right-hand section of the advertisement

Creative closure is handled by an advertising template via the following code: 

“Close X” placed on a non-transparent background in the top right-hand corner of the creative, font size at least 20 px, the whole inscription should have the dimensions of 50x20 px. Clicking on any part of the button must cause the creative to close.

  • after the mouse pointer is placed over the button the following function should be executed:
    window.parent.postMessage(params.onBannerOver, '*'); after it is executed, the portal should be hidden, and the wallpaper should turn into a full-screen video format. The sound turns on after sound button is clicked.
  • taking the mouse pointer off the button area should execute the following function: window.parent.postMessage(params.onBannerOut, '*'); after it is executed the full-screen video playback should stop and the video should turn back into the wallpaper.

2. Video file in two versions

  • source file (before conversion)
  • file after conversion to the mp4 H.264/AAC format, size up to 3.5 MB, duration up to 30 seconds.

The video file is played by using the background player provided by The video played may be looped.

3. Wideboard (after closing the banner)

  • Format: gif / jpg / png / html5
  • Resolution: 940x300
  • Size: 150 KB
  • This product requires a replacement 336x280 px gif/jpg/png creative to be displayed on mobile screens (all screen)