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Urządzenia: Desktop, Mobile

Description: an e-commerce campaign tool in the form of a gallery with the Clients’ products placed contextually on articles. Galleries comprise a picture, text and CTA button. The Publisher creates galleries based on the product feed provided by the Client.

Feed specification for the fashion industry: allowing to place products in the marketplace.

Feed specification for other industries:

  • The feed must be provided in the form of a single XML file.
  • The Client’s feed must be available at a public URL, e.g. http: //aDomainName/aFolderPath/aFileName.xml. We recommend that the file name matches the name of the Client/Brand. The Publisher does not accept files in the form of attachments, as this would prevent the Publisher from controlling the file structure and updating it automatically. Only after receiving a feed in the form of a link to it is the Publisher able to check it and confirm that it can be used.
  • In the case of a large feed (e.g. 100,000 products), we recommend compressing the file, which will speed up the import of the feed. When compressed to. gz, the feed’s URL will be: http: //aDomainName/aFolderPath/aFileName.xml.gz
  • The feed must be “clean”, that is:
    • Special characters such as & must be accompanied aby escape characters: &
    • If there is HTML (e.g. in the description) it must be embedded in CDATA.
    • Other formats are not supported, e.g. it cannot be a file exported to XML from Excel.
  • The accepted character encoding is UTF-8.
  • The XML file must meet the basic requirements as to its structure and must be “validable”, that is, its structure must comply with the generally accepted principles of preparing XML files. We recommend that the file prepared by the programmer be checked for structure before sending to the Publisher. The structure of the XML file can be checked with tools available on the web, e.g.:
  • If the Client creates an XML feed from scratch, we recommend that it be compatible with the XSD indicated by the Publisher, i.e. An XML file can be validated based on XSD e.g. at:
  • Fields/data in the feed that are required:

    • “Id” i.e. product identifier, which must be unique for each offer/product,
    • Product name (we present max. 3 words, i.e. 18 characters with spaces, in the product gallery, so if it is longer, it will be automatically shortened by the Publisher),
    • URL = link to the product with all scripts, redirects, UTMs GA that the Client requires (the Publisher sets a redirect to,
    • Link to the product photo,
    • Price (if the basic prices and promotional prices are listed on the store’s website, the feed must contain both of these prices),
    • Omnibus_price i.e. the lowest price of the product from the last 30 days before the last reduction, regardless of the price and the promotional price
    • Category.

Sample feed prepared in accordance with the Publisher’s specification

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