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 The partner’s feed should be available at a public URL, e.g. http://DomainName/FolderPath/FileName.xml. It is recommend - but not mandatory – that the file name reflect the partner’s name. Only after receiving the feed in the form of a link to it will we be able to inspect it and confirm whether or not we will be able to use it. We do not accept files from attachments, because then we cannot control the file structure, and updating such files requires manual processing.

  The feed should be posted as a single XML file.

  The feed should be “clean”.

- special characters, such as & should be escaped &

- if there is HTML code, e.g. in the description it should be embedded in CDATA.

- other formats are not supported, .e.g. it cannot be an Excel file exported to XML.

 We accept UTF-8 character encoding.

 In the case of large feeds (e.g. 100 000 products) please compress the file, e.g. to the .gz format, because it will significantly speed up importing the feed. In such a case, the feed’s URL will have the following format:


• The XML file must satisfy simple requirements with respect to its structure It is sufficient for it to “validate itself”, i.e. that its structure be consistent with commonly adopted principles. Please first open the file in your browser – this is the first stage of verification. The software engineer who will prepare the XML file at the partner’s company knows all the principles according ot which an XML file must be prepared. Structure of an XML file may be checked with tools available online, e.g.:

• If the partner creates the XML feed from scratch, it would be helpful for it to be compliant with the XSD supplied by Agora (attached). Link to the website on which the XML file can be validated basing on the XSD:

• Fields/data in the feed which are mandatory *:

"id", or the product identifier that must be unique per offer/product,

- product name (it will be truncated automatically in the product gallery, if it is too long; we present a maximum of 3 words – 18 characters with spaces),

- URL = link to the product with all scripts, redirects, GA UTMs that the Client wishes to see (we set up the Gemius GDE and/or Leadexpert),

- link to the product’s photo,

- price,

-  category (if the product is to be placed in a store)

        * and additionally a recommended field: promotional price

 Example of a feed consistent with our specification: