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A sponsored article is content written on any chosen topic related to the offered products or services. The page with the article is prepared according to the Client's order and may include the company logo, product images, and one selected type of banner advertising. The client prepares the substantive content of the texts and materials necessary to create the page.

Materials necessary to publish an article:

  • Text: maximum of 10,000 characters (including spaces)
  • Graphics: maximum of 15 graphic elements (photos, logos) with a width of 1500px and height at your discretion. Graphics must be provided in 72 dpi resolution, jpg/gif/tif format, and weigh up to 350 KB. The client should introduce a standard description of the graphics used in the article (e.g. source of graphics)

Additional options and important technical information:

  • Possibility (included in the price) to embed up to 5 text links leading to external websites within the article. We do not hyperlink images.
  • Possibility (included in the price) to embed one YouTube video and additional graphic elements (e.g., logos).
  • Possibility (included in the price) to publish one topboard or contenboard banner ad within the advertising network.
  • Encoding the publication: the code for tracking views/clicks must be included in the AD BANNER, which, in the case of a sponsored article, may be added as part of the product price. We do not include view tracking codes or pixels in the article. NOTE: If the article does not meet the publisher's requirements or is our direct competition, it may be protested. In this case, the publisher will state the reasons for protesting the content.


Labeling sponsored material: Normally, all sponsored articles are labeled on the website as "REKLAMA”. There is no possibility of labeling the article as "MATERIAŁ PARTNERA:.