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Devices: Desktop, Mobile

Ad Attention Pack - offers clients the opportunity to deliver campaigns to the most engaged user group. This type of delivery enables reaching users during moments of peak attention, enhancing the likelihood of brand advertising message retention.

Display Specification

Format: gif / jpg / png / html5

Recommended sizes: 940x300, 300x600, 300x250, 750x300

File size: 150 KB

Video Specification

Format: mp4 (h.264 / aac)

Minimum resolution: 640x360 for 16:9 or 640x480 for 4:3 (higher resolutions maintaining the specified aspect ratios)

Maximum file size: 3.5 MB

Duration options: 15' / 30’

Your display creatives matter, so make sure they have:

  • A clear "call to action" - the recipient, after coming into contact with the advertisement, immediately knows what he should do next
  • Precise message – the advertising creation should focus on one message, i.e. refer to one product, one service or one problem
  • Creation design - clear, aesthetic and visually inviting