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Devices: Desktop, Mobile

Description: an e-commerce campaign tool in the form of a personalized display creation, displayed in standard advertising slots: 750x300/200/100px, 300x600/250px. Preparation and personalization of the tool to the required format is performed by the Publisher; the Client only needs to provide 3 graphics, a logotype and URL.  Specifications:


  • Graphic specification:
    • Number of graphics required: 3 various graphics
    • Graphic size: recommended 1720x1000px, minimum 1200x698px [graphics without copy/CTA/logos; it is important that the product (e.g. a car) is in the centre of the frame]
    • File format: jpg / png
    • Max graphic weight: 150 kB
  • Logotype specification:
    • Size: recommended 300x300px, minimum 75x75px. 
    • File Format: SVG
    • Max weight: 150 kB
  • URL to the Client’s landing page
  • The monitoring code will be implemented by the Publisher and will be the same as in other e-commerce tools used to implement a given campaign.


Illustrative visualization:

D163aea52297a94c623bc2012f9ad591c3d0296b display perfo