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Devices: Desktop, Mobile

Description: Best offers are links and advertising graphics pointing to the client's website. The content of links and graphics is created by a team of campaign implementation specialists in terms of performance indicators. Links / graphics are contextually placed among the content of the group and marked accordingly ADVERTISING / PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL


  • Number: 10 pieces
  • Graphic guidelines: the photos must be diverse, i.e. they must show the product from a different perspective, show color ranges, show functionality and details, and must be "clean", i.e. without copy, CTA, logos and any other graphic elements. 
  • Graphic size: 2 pieces2400x1256px and 8 pieces 1420x944px
  • File format: jpg / png
  • Max weight: 500 kB
  • URL to the Client’s landing page
  • The monitoring code will be implemented by the Publisher and will be the same as in other e-commerce tools used to implement a given campaign.

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