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Urządzenia: Desktop, Mobile

Description: a booster to efficiency campaigns focusing the user’s attention on the product, its appearance, basic features and/or campaign features. It consists of a list of the Client’s products, each with a photo and a short description. The Publisher prepares the issue on the basis of the graphics provided by the Client.



  • To create the tool, the Publisher must receive from the Client a total of at least 5 photos.
  • Photos must be “clean”, i.e. they cannot contain copy, CTA, logos or any other graphic elements.
  • Opening photo:
    • Size: recommended 2400x1256 px, minimum 1920x1005 px
    • Number: minimum 1 piece
    • File format: jpg / png
    • Weight: up to 1 MB
  • Pictures for listing: 
    • Size: recommended 1420x944 px, minimum 710x472 px, 
    • Number: minimum 4 pieces [various] 
    • File format: jpg / png
    • Weight: up to 1 MB
  • URL to the Client’s landing page
  • The monitoring code will be implemented by the Publisher and will be the same as in other e-commerce tools used to implement a given campaign.


Illustrative visualizations:

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