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Screening is a type of advertisement consisting in aligning the wallpaper with the selected format of the top advertisement (e.g. double billboard, triboard, wideboard). The maximum, total file size of the wallpaper and the top advertisement is 300 kB.

  • the wallpaper must be aligned with the top advertisement along the X axis.
  • along the Y axis it should allow for the distance of the upper edge of the top advertisement from the upper edge of the browser window.
  • we recommend that the background’s edges end in uniform colour. This colour will then be used to fill the rest of the page background outside the wallpaper area.
  • the visible wallpaper area depends on the user’s screen resolution.
  • the recommended wallpaper resolution is 1330x768 pixels. 

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HTML5 creative sample

Implementing a click counter: to enable counting the number of clicks on a creative please include the following script right before the closing tag:

and include the whole clickable area of the creative in the tag, taking care to ensure compliance of the identifiers (id) declared:

Example of a creative code including all of the above-mentioned modifications: 

Support for MultiClick creatives: each additional clickable area must have its own dedicated tag containing a unique identifier (id):

In order to support additional clickable areas you need to modify the script located just before closing the tag. This modification must be made by following the template below, while pointing to the above-mentioned identifiers (id) declared:

  • Please provide the complete set of creatives together with URLs two business days before the commencement of the campaign.
  • The advertising materials must not exchange data with external servers or save or change cookie files. In particular it is forbidden to use links to other files or send data from or to the creative without Agora’s prior consent.
  • Scripts that change the size and location of the browser window are forbidden.
  • The advertising material must not generate errors, warnings or block or hamper website use.
  • Advertisements must not use art that resembles elements of operating systems (e.g. a window with the minimise/maximise/close buttons).
  • Form fields used in advertisements must perform functions corresponding to their standard function and contents of the message shown on the buttons (e.g. clicking a drop-down list or a text input field must not redirect to the Client’s website).
  • While the advertisement is being displayed the CPU load on client computers must not significantly or noticeably hinder the use of the internet browser or other simultaneously running applications.